School D​irector - Tina Persaud

Tina Persaud is the director of Young World of Learning.  Tina is responsible for the  overall operations of the school and the  curriculum . She holds a Masters Degree in Education  from Chapman University. 

Tina began teaching young children over 40 years ago applying her experience as a Child Evangelism graduate. 

In September of 1980 Tina opened her first school on Redwood Road in Napa. She incorporated the Bible into the curriculum at that time.

Children are her passion and she loves working with them in a variety of settings.  She loves her job and feels fortunate to work with  parents in helping to shape their children's futuresShe feels that kids are wonderful and very much enjoys forming relationships with both them and their parents. Tina believes it has been such a blessing to be able to have a positive impact on children's lives and looks forward to continuing be involved in educating children for a long time to come!

TEACHER - Mrs. Rhonda

Mrs. Rhonda has worked in early childhood education for over 30 years. over 17 of those years have been at Young World of Learning. Working with children has been a life long passion and commitment for Mrs. Rhonda. From the age of 10 she knew that she wanted to work with children in some capacity.  Mrs. Rhonda loves children and enjoys watching them grow and develop their own individual personalities.  Mrs. Rhonda has over 30 units in early childhood development and looks forward to furthering her education so that she can bring even more to the children and the classroom.   She recognizes that this was what God wanted for her to do and feels blessed to be part of a team that works so well together to provide quality Christian based education for children.

TEACHER - Miss Judith

Miss Judith has chosen to work in the Early Childhood Education profession because of her love for kids. She is a young teacher who is currently enrolled in college to finish her Early Childhood requirements for her position at Young World of Learning.  Miss Judith truly enjoys working at Young World of Learning and she is grateful for the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experiene working with fellow staff members and the children at the school.

TEACHER - Miss Debbie

Miss Debbie has worked for a number of schools and childcare centers during her career as an early childhood teacher and teacher's aid. She works in the TK department of Young World and enjoys working with the children each and every day. Miss Debbie gets a great deal of joy working to meet the specific needs of each child and watching them learn and grow.

TEACHER - Miss Peggy

Miss Peggy has had the pleasure and privelege of being a director and teacher in the Early Childhood field for over 40 years. She believes that her strength lies in curriculum development and lesson planning to meet the specific needs of children. She enjoys creating a warm and friendly environment in which children can thrive and find pleasure in learning.

TEACHER -  Miss Teresa

Mrs. Teresa has worked for the N.V.U.S.D. for over 20 years as a Special Education teacher. During that time she has also been an integral part of the Young World of Learning staff. In addition she teaches Sunday School at St. John's Lutheran Church.  She feels that God has blessed her with the gift of working very well with young children.  She loves to watch the children grow and mature over the years.  Miss Teresa believes very strongly that working with children is truly the most rewarding job that anyone could have.